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At PhotobookShop we specialise in large volume orders (20+). We can produce any of our products in bulk quantities for any occasion. From school year books, recipe books, gifts for corporate clients to bottle openers or ceramic coasters for wedding favours, we do it all!
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We are one of the only companies in Australia who print and produce all orders locally. We have a range of photobooks to suit your needs from glossy to matte and softcover to hardcover.

Cover options!

For 20x20cm, A5 and A4 Portrait photobooks we have a Softcover option available. The pages are stapled bound with the cover. We offer Hardcover photobooks for our 20x20cm, 22x28cm, A4, 30x30cm and 26x33cm photobooks. The pages are traditionally bound and cased in with the cover.
Below you can see the difference:
Softcover Photobook

Softcover Photobook

Hardcover Photobook

Hardcover Photobook

Cover finish!

You can select to upgrade to a matte cover upon checkout. The matte finish softens the contrast of darker colours and produces a velvety texture.
See the differences below:

Gloss Cover

Matte Cover

Paper finish!

Standard 170gsm, Lay-Flat, Fuji Film Paper or any paper on request.

Binding options!

There are 3 binding options available.
The regular binding is traditionally bound and the pages sit slightly curved when the book is open.
The lay flat binding is traditionally bound with a hinge spine and sit flat when the book is open.
Our Pro Lay Flat photobooks are true lay flat with a seamless join in the spine. This means they lay perfectly flat when opened on any page.
See the difference below:

Regular Photobook

Regular Photobook

Lay-flat Photobook

Lay-flat Photobook

Pro Lay-flat Photobook

Pro Lay-flat Photobook

Logo removal!

For any orders over 20 (of the same item) we can offer you discounted pricing as well as the removal of our logo and barcode upon request. You can also opt for a proof copy of your order to be sent out for approval prior to printing the order.
Logo removal

Other Products

We can produce any of our products in bulk quantities. For any orders over 20 (of the same item) we can offer you discounted pricing..
Other products

Production Times

Our production time for bulk orders will vary depending on the volume and the product, however we generally have a 2 week turnaround.









Proof Copy

Proof copies can be printed on request. This can help you pick up any last minute changes and you will know your file is ready for printing! This will add to the total production time for your order.

Get a quote

To receive a quote or sample pack please email us at with the product you are interested in, the quantity, shipping address and date needed or fill out the belw form and we will get back to you as soon as possible! . This will add to the total production time for your order.